Has your mouth started watering yet, thinking of the creamy mashed potatoes, steaming stuffing, and golden turkey fresh from the oven? If so, you’ll want to be sure you’re able to come through on those holiday promises, and that means making sure your home appliances are up to the task before the big day.

In a Consumer Reports survey of over 381,000 appliances, 6 percent of respondents reported having problems with cooking elements not working. Another 5 percent reported refrigerators not cooling properly, and 11 percent reported dishwashers not cleaning properly. 

While appliance malfunctions are commonplace, you can work to make sure they don’t happen when your holiday celebrations are in the balance. Here are three home appliance tips to get you through the holidays.

Give Everything a Deep Clean

Spring cleaning might have better marketing, but fall cleaning can be just as important—especially for your appliances. Give your dishwasher a good cleaning by running a full cycle with nothing but a single cup of white vinegar on the top rack. Likewise, take some oven cleaner to your oven and give each burner some attention. Finally, pull your fridge away from the wall and clean the coils—it has definitely been a while since you removed the dust back there.

Take Your Kitchen for a Test Run

Whether you cook every meal or live on takeout, there’s no denying that the holidays call for a homemade approach to food. If it has been a while since you used any of your appliances, now’s the right time to make sure everything works (yes, even the burner in the back left corner of the stove you never use). Give each appliance a test run on a low-stakes meal to make sure the food cooks evenly or the dishes come out clean. With enough notice, you can be sure any problems get fixed with plenty of time to spare.

Get Maintenance on the Line

While following the previous tips, you might find that something isn’t working. Don’t panic! That’s what these home appliance tips are for: finding bugs when the stakes are low. When you find that problem, call a repairman right away.

At Artists Village Apartments, we want your home to be a place of rest, not stress. That’s why our on-site management and maintenance teams are there to help you with your needs. Whether your dishwasher has been making a strange sound or only three out of four burners turn on, simply visit the Artists Village Apartments Resident Portal and submit a work order. Our team will schedule a time for some appliance TLC. We’ll make sure everything is in working order.

This holiday season, get ahead of kitchen snafus before they can damper your celebrations. Follow these home appliance tips and you’ll be sure to get through the holidays just fine.