“Happiness is a warm puppy,” said Charles Schulz, and we think he was right! Pets bring a lot of joy into our lives, and that’s why we’re so happy that Artists Village is a pet-friendly property. If you have a pet or are considering getting one, here are four tips for caring for your furry friend while living in an apartment.

Make a Place Just for Them

Dedicate a place in your apartment that is just for your pets to retreat when they need a break from socializing and rest when they need a nap. It doesn’t have to be a whole room—it could be as simple as a crate with a blanket placed over it or a quiet corner. Just mark somewhere that you and your pet recognize as their spot.

Pet-Proof the Apartment

Pets are curious, so it’s important to make sure they can explore your new apartment. Organize your space so they don’t come across items they shouldn’t be eating; lock away cleaners, put your potted plants up where they can’t be reached, and use baby gates when needed. Pet-proofing takes effort, but it’s worth it for the peace of mind that comes when you know you can leave them home alone.

Exercise Their Mind and Body

Cats and dogs need mental and physical exercise. Make sure you have enough time to give them exercise and play with them, and consider hiring someone to help out when you get too busy. Getting enough exercise keeps pets healthy and helps them be better behaved. A win for everyone!

Reward Them for Good Behavior, and Clean Up Messes Right Away

Pets can make messes, but it’s OK! Make a habit of cleaning these messes up right away. Whether it’s a potty accident or a knocked-over plant, cleaning messes immediately prevents stains and also helps maintain a positive feeling in your home.

To prevent messes in the first place, be diligent about working with your dog to reward them for positive behavior. And if your cat is having any issues using the litter box, be sure that there aren’t any preventable factors that might be causing the problem. Prevention is better than cure!

Having a pet in an apartment is a wonderful thing! Be sure to make a place just for your furry friend, pet-proof the apartment, exercise your pet’s mind and body, and reward them for good behavior to keep the good times rolling.