COVID-19 may have closed the beach and the pool, but spring break isn’t canceled yet! Here are our tips on how to host your own spring break from home.

1. Take in Some Sun

It may not be the beach, but a balcony is a perfect place to get some of that irresistible vitamin D and serotonin that comes from the sun. Take a book, your work, or a loved one with you for some time in the sunshine. And with the gym closed, now’s a great time to take up jogging to get your heart pumping.

2. Visit the Museum.

Museums may be closed to the public, but many are doing all they can to share their exhibits with the world. Check out the list of prestigious museums offering virtual tours on their websites and treat yourself to a night of culture.

3. Attend a Concert

With special events and tours shutting down, many artists are starving—not for food, but for sharing their music with the world. Many groups and solo artists are performing for isolated audience members—from symphonic orchestras to pop artists, you can enjoy a varied musical experience without leaving your home.

4. Stimulate Your Children

Schools will be out for much longer than spring break, so if you have kids, you’re likely scrambling for ways to keep them entertained. All of the above activities can easily include your children, but here are a few more ideas for them:

We may be under stay-at-home orders, but we can still have some fun. Practice good social distancing with these tips and bring spring break back.