Summer is here at Artists Villiage Apartments! As the temperature continues to climb, staying well hydrated is important. Drinking plenty of water reduces your risk of heat exhaustion and heatstroke. But did you know about the other health benefits of drinking water? For example, water can improve your complexion, reduce cravings, help with headaches, and much more. 

But for all of its obvious benefits, water can be bland and tasteless. To fix that, here are four ways to add a burst of flavor to your water: 


1. Make Creative Combinations

One of the easiest and most portable ways to add some interest to your water is through flavor-enhancing drops, powders, and/or tablets. There are plenty of options, and it’s helpful to choose one based on its intended use. For example, beyond flavor, you may want to boost the electrolytes or add energy-enhancing ingredients in addition. Do your research and give preference to a natural, low- or no-sugar product for a healthier choice. 


2. Infuse It

One of the healthiest ways to flavor your water is by infusing it with fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Thoroughly wash your produce, peel and slice it (or throw it in whole), and let the water sit until the flavor infuses. Not only will you enjoy the refreshing flavor, but also you’ll enjoy the added health benefits of consuming additional nutrients. Here are some quick and easy infused water combinations to try. 

You can use any glass or pitcher to do this, but there are also plenty of water bottles and pitchers that are specifically designed for infusing. These keep the fruit, vegetables, and herbs more contained, which might be a good option if you’re not a fan of the pulp and seeds in your water. Alternatively, you can strain your water through cheesecloth. 


3. Fizz It Up

For some, it’s not just the flavor of water that leaves them wanting more—it’s the texture. If you’re tired of flat water, add some excitement to your beverage through carbonation. However, if those delightful bubbles become your hydration method of choice, you’ll want to invest in a seltzer-maker you can set up at home. As a bonus, carbonated water appears to yield a number of health benefits as well. Try it plain, or add some flavor with some of the options we’ve already mentioned here.


4. Add Ice

Have some fruit, juice, or herbs that are nearly past their prime? Freeze them into ice cubes and use them later to naturally flavor your water. Get creative with what you leave in your ice trays overnight! Here are all the details to get your creative “juices” flowing.

Hydration is important! And thankfully, there are plenty of tasty—and beautiful—options to boost the appeal and nutritional value of your water. Go ahead, take another drink!